About Us

  SkyChasers was created by Paul Wicklund and Suzanne Ruby out of our obsession with the night sky. We live in Eastern Washington and are past members of the Spokane Astronomical Society and served on the Board of Directors. We are also amateur telescope builders and have made several of our own scopes. Our shared interest in astronomy eventually led us to a desire to photograph the sky above.
  We made our first attempts at photography in 1999 and in the beginning we could barely tell the ground from the sky through our cameras, and we have the photos to prove it. But we quickly learned the basics and started getting some pretty good shots with nothing but our cameras mounted on a tripod. A little experience went a long way and a couple good photos turned our interest in photography into a whole new branch of astronomical obsession. Especially when it comes to photographing auroras.
  Since we are by no means professional photographers, we assumed there must be lots of people out there capturing all kinds of natural wonders on film, and we would like to see them. You don't need the Hubble telescope to capture a great sky shot! We have seen our photos, and now we want to see yours. So send us your photos and we will post them for others to see.

  We want to thank all the members of the SAS who have helped us with all our astronomical endeavors, and a special thanks to Ken and Brendan, who helped make this site possible.