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10-28-01 Roll 2-3a.jpg (35824 bytes) The Oct 28 show was a present for my birthday. I have trouble seeing reds in the aurora but not this night. At one point it was a solid red from east to west. I have never seen the whole north sky taken over by one band of color. This picture is the left side of the red wall. It took my breath away. Now if I could just get the aurora to come earlier than 2:45 am. Pentex 1000 with at 28mm lens at f 2.8 Fuji ASA 400 film. average time 12 seconds.

  Elk Washington  Oct. 28th, 2001

10-28-01 roll 2.jpg (35009 bytes)This picture is the right side of the wall. I tried to paste them together but it looked strange. Too bad it might have been cool. 


  Elk Wa. USA  Oct. 28th, 2001               
10-28-01-035.jpg (28462 bytes)When you are in the excitement of taking pictures you are oblivious to farm houses across the field until the pictures come back. Sometime the excitement of it all makes you blind to what is around you. Its all part of the fun. Pentex 1000, ASA 400 Fuji , 10 seconds.

Elk, Washington  Oct. 28, 2001

10-28-01, roll 2-2a.jpg (38163 bytes) This picture is the top of the Wall  

  Elk Washington USA  Oct. 28th, 2001

5-14-02-023 copy.jpg (45571 bytes) This was taken on May 14th, 2002 at about 1 am near Fan Lake with Kodak 400 speed film and a 30 second exposure. May 14th, 2002

5-14-02-009 copy.jpg (48334 bytes)  May 14th, 2002

3-30-01-sr-013 copy.jpg (33981 bytes)CORONAL AURORA    Click Here to see 12 photos  of the Coronal Aurora taken in a series over about 25 minutes and see how it changes 

 March 30th 2001 taken by  Suzanne Ruby - Elk Wa.  

3-30-01-sr-019 copy.jpg (34956 bytes) Coronal aurora surrounds Leo on March 30th, 2001 
03-19-01-sr-dx19.jpg (32379 bytes)A band streaked across the sky  overhead and headed west to meet Jupiter and the Pleiades. 

March 19, 2001
03-19-01-sr-dx16.jpg (41751 bytes)'Feather Quill". This picture was captured off my back porch out on the landing looking west. The rest of the aurora was busy up north. This was all by itself dancing to the beat of the storm.

 March 19th, 2001      
11-24-01-r2-15.jpg (47869 bytes) At my home a cloud bank hid the beauty. As I looked south I could see the edge of the clouds. Fifteen miles later the skies opened. On a dark dirt road facing the opening of the sky I shot picture after picture. It was a subtle night mostly wrapped in greens and yellows. Red snuck in for ten or twenty minutes but mostly the greens tried to beat down the clouds. As the night wore on the shape of the clouds became more intense than the aurora. Pentex 1000, ASA400, 15-25 seconds.  
   November 24th, 2001
11-24-01-r2-14.jpg (45841 bytes)Now this one has a name " Jupiter Behind the Tree". Sometimes if you let your imagination run a little you can find the universe right in front of you. Can you see it? 

 November 24, 2001

suz025.jpg (61875 bytes) A Rose by any other name. Another straight over head shot taken shortly after the "Sunburst" shot. It amazing what a few seconds will do.  


suz-024.jpg (71958 bytes)Sunburst" Over head I could see a great moment. I wondered if the sky would open up and take me away. Corona overhead. Oct 4th 2000.
Under Beam.jpg (32240 bytes)On my way home one day I spotted how the sun, now below the horizon, was trying one last attempt to light up the sky.  Elk Washington,  Pentex 1000, Kodak 400.

Sun Dog, Table Mt.jpg (37550 bytes)The sky was not this dark, but the photo processor thought so.  But I thought it was interesting how it showed up the Sun dog quite well.  Table Mountain, late in the day, in Washington. Pentex 1000, Kodak 400 .
3-30-01-sr-015 copy.jpg (39465 bytes)Coronal aurora surrounds Leo on March 30th, 2001  suz aug12.jpg (49495 bytes)" Fan". Oxygen emits a greenish white light or a red hue when energized at extremely low atmospheric pressures, and ionized molecules of nitrogen produces the bluish tinge. 
5-14-02-010 copy.jpg (29855 bytes) Taken on May 14th, 2002 at about 1 am on Kodak 400 film  5-14-02-015 copy.jpg (31784 bytes) This was taken on May 14th, 2002 at about 1 am near Fan Lake with Kodak 400 speed film and a 30 second exposure.
4-19-02 -3a.jpg (34647 bytes) Sometimes the clouds are whisked away and the aurora is allowed though. 4-19-02  4-19-02 -11a.jpg (46127 bytes) The timed exposures captured the speed of the clouds in the form of white steaks which mixed in with the greens and reds of the aurora.  I could not see the color, only the vibrating sky.  Taken with Pentex 1000, Fuji ASA 400, 2.8 mm     4-19-02
3-19-01, tree aurora copy.jpg (73247 bytes)March 19th, 2001 Shot with a 28mm F 2.8 lens on Fuji 400 film. 3-30-01-sr-011 copy.jpg (84069 bytes)March 30,2001  
9-3-02 r2 -7.jpg (39312 bytes) An ever changing portrait of color, wonder and lost words. Suzanne Ruby, Elk Washington, Pentex 1000, Kodak ASA 400, f. 2.8 for 20 seconds.  Oct. 4, storm.jpg (60233 bytes)"The Storm" in the upper atmosphere shows it true power, and looks like a thunder storm on some strange alien world in this photo.. 
Taken on Oct 4th, 2000 on Fuji 400 film. 
Angel of the Aurora 2.jpg (42347 bytes) Angel or Aurora" Overhead corona. Taken lying on the ground, under the tripod, looking straight up while the angel looked back. Pentex 1000, Fuji Color 400, 28 mm.  Aug 12th, 2000


aurora fan.jpg (49616 bytes)The "Face" moving outwards just a minute or so later. Aurora always moving, always changing, always treating the visual to something new and untouched. 


9-3-02 r1-20.jpg (34455 bytes)A post holding up the field stood witness to the receding aurora.  This powerful glow looks like an ongoing explosion yet it's edges where soft.  We are all so very lucky to be able to witness and capture these textural storm.  Pentex 1000, Kodak, ASA 400, F. 28 time, 30 seconds.  aurora face.jpg (49835 bytes)"Face". Before the picture of "Angel of Aurora" this light arrangement teased at the mind. Using Fuji Color 400, with a 28 mm lens..


4-19-02 r2 -31.jpg (57426 bytes) After some time the colors settled down to just the glow. The clouds had started to multiplying all over the sky. They were coming from the North and heading south. Pentex 1000, Fuji ASA 400, 2.8 mm and 15 second exposure. 4-19-02
11-24-01-r2-19.jpg (62798 bytes) I always look for something to add to the pictures that will bring texture, shape and newness to an aurora shot. Pick an object that holds interest on its own and then add it to an aurora. Adding a tree to a picture gives the viewer a feeling of being on earth. A broken tree branch does the trick here. Pentex 1000, f-2.8 and shot way to long. November 24th, 2001
4-19-02 r2 -45.jpg (70521 bytes)The Moon illuminated the clouds that where racing across the sky. I am fascinated how clouds appear at night. The light from the moon changes how they look and feel. The clouds appear subtle and soft. Here the stars shine on in the background as the wind races to the finish line. Pentex 1000, ASA 400 Fuji, 2.8 mm for 5 seconds. orange sunset slide copy.jpg (67479 bytes) A sunset taken somewhere on Earth at some point in time
11-24-01-9.jpg (113494 bytes) Sometimes the aurora can be quietly there, waiting to explode into the night. Each minute is different and new. Thought I love the wild reds, I also love the subtleness that it brings. If you only see a little light from an aurora, never underestimate what the camera can see. If you like one shot, repeat it using longer and longer time exposes. That way there is a less chance of ending with and under exposed picture. Pentex 1000, f-2.8, ASA 400 20 seconds.
 Elk Wa.   Photos from November 24th, 2001 
11-24-01-r1-13.jpg (49932 bytes)As the night wore on the clouds started to become the victor. I continued to take shots because you just never know what will reveal itself on the picture. The rays are still trying to come forth here, but it wont be long before I am sent on my way home. What a joy this is to capture mother natures fireworks.
004-suz-10-4-2000.jpg (102730 bytes)s the aurora increases in intensity, the vertical bands began to shimmer and waver. This one changes my mind about what an aurora should look like. The rule is there is no rule. 
suz aurora ap.jpg (163018 bytes)On a frozen late winter night, dressed in to many layers, I captured this gentle curtain swallowing the sky. Kodak 800 film using a 28 mm lens for a 20 second exposure. 
Oct 4, pic 3d copy.jpg (157011 bytes)"Ring of Fire" on Oct 4th,00. Pulsating arcs of light claimed the sky. This night grabbed my heart and left me speechless. Fuji color 400 using a 28 mm lens.

Au tornado-oct4.jpg (107991 bytes)Tornado" One spike stood forward and left the others behind.  This night of viewing left a permanent grin on my face for two days. Oct. 4th 2000.


3-30-01-sr-010 copy.jpg (44331 bytes)March 30,2001  

3-30-01-sr-020 copy.jpg (36817 bytes)  March 30, 2001  
5-14-02-025 copy.jpg (64623 bytes)
This was a  soft glowing aurora that stayed near the horizon, but still produced some beautiful colors in the photos. May 14th, 2002

2-3-03 R2-10.jpg (51036 bytes)A month of clouds had found me not expecting aurora. I checked this night and found it was alive and well. It wasn't a grand show, but rather a quiet display of curtains, glow and a little color.  Pentex 1000 camera with  Kodak 400 film, 20- 35 seconds. 
Suzanne Ruby  -  Elk Washington.
11-24-01-r2-16.jpg (52044 bytes)Note the soft yellows extending into the reds. The night is young and it reaches for the stars. I will click photo after photo and then wait till morning to see my catch. I will never get use to seeing this. Pentex 1000, f.2.8, 12 seconds. 

November 24th, 2001
03-19-01-sr-dx22.jpg (151549 bytes)"Fire in the Hole". Never underestimate the amount of color that the aurora releases. This was a soft quiet night. The camera is able to capture colors the eye can not fully see.                                       

March 19th, 2001     
9-3-02 r1 - 24.jpg (25812 bytes)

This one shows the power of just the glow. It was like it just folded itself up, went home and played up north with all its power and strength intact. Pentex 1000, Kodak 400, F. 50, 25 seconds.

spring aurora 1.jpg (61070 bytes)May 2000 

Anvil of God jpg.jpg (105787 bytes)"Anvil of God" The sky rang with color, with expression of energy and the camera caught its journey. Pentex 1000 and a light touch. Oct 4th, 2000.                           

10-28-01 Roll 1-4a.jpg (44655 bytes)This was taken over Fan Lake, just north of Spokane.  I wasn't quite at the right angle to get the reflection.  But a little fog was forming on the back side of the lake. By now I had been serenaded by a Screech Owl, barked at by dogs and come close to hitting a skunk with my car.   Oct. 28th, 2001
10-3-01-049.jpg (35363 bytes) There was no need for a red flashlight tonight, old Mr. Moon will do. At one point the coyotes of the neighborhood celebrated there kill not to far away. Other throughout the fields joined in as well. A serenaded aurora.
Oct 3rd, 2001
10-3-01-031.jpg (33263 bytes)Never under estimate the power of an aurora even when the moon it out. I used a Pentex 1000 with a 28 mm lens, 400 ASA taking 10 and 20 second shots.  

  Oct 3rd, 2001
10-3-01-015.jpg (44359 bytes) I found myself chasing the light flickers under the watchful eye of the full moon. I had been checking the night sky for hours and was rewarded with these pictures. The show ran from 2:20am till 4am.  03-19-01-sr-023.jpg (49625 bytes)Fuji 400 film with a 28mm lens on March 19, 2001.
10-3-01-038a jpg.jpg (28366 bytes)
Hidden colors in a white out night. The film brings to life what the human eye misses. Shot with 400 ASA film, using a Pentex 1000, 28 mm lens.

Oct 3rd, 2001
4-11-01-sr-12 copy.jpg (42519 bytes)April 11th, 2001
10-1-02 r1, n15.jpg (42507 bytes)I always take shots even at the smallest suggestion of color. Aurora never fails me. I was so excited about all of this that I am surprised that they turned out. Usually I forget one step and he shots are a wash. Pentax K1000, ASA 400 Fuji, F.50 about 25 seconds. Suzanne Ruby  -  Elk, Washington.  2-4-03 R1-20.jpg (38734 bytes)What I liked about this night was that stars, which I had missed so much, had equal billing. I was able to enjoy the both of them even though residue of clouds still wandered in and out of view. Pentex 1000, Kodak 400, 20- 30 seconds.
Suzanne Ruby  -  Elk, Washington
6-18-03 r1 -3.jpg (26343 bytes)  I didn't see much color but camera was able to capture what was really going on. Farm houses make for an interesting setting especially if there is a barn.  6-18-03
8-18-03 R 1,07.jpg (20207 bytes)With all our sophisticated aurora warning systems, Spaceweather, NASA, or an email from a friend my warning system for aurora this night, was a cat fight with night creature. After playing chase the cat I looked up and wondered why the sky was so light. Dah. Each aurora is so different. Just like no two snowflakes are a like. It started with a dome, blossomed into vibrating color and energy. 
Pentex 1000, Kodak film, f.2.8, 20-30 seconds.
8-18-03 kR 2, 19.jpg (34331 bytes)And it shifts across the sky ever changing.

8-18-03 R 2, 17.jpg (24489 bytes)Then the dance followed. Energy knows no boundaries and moves to its own beat. 
 Pentex 1000, f 2.8, 20-30 seconds. Kodak 400
8-18-03 R 2, 20.jpg (28747 bytes)And finally explodes into the night its intent, to dazzle our senses, lift our spirits and bring us something that is very rare.


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