Two, one hour exposures, of Hyakutaki, scanned and stitched together. The comet covered 70 degrees of desert sky, during the new moon night I photographed Mother Nature at her finest!
  The camera was a Pentax K-1000, on a German Equatorial mount driving an eight inch Newtonian telescope - a Cave Astrolla, guided electronically on a home made 800 pound steel mount - formerly portable.
  The camera was mounted on telescope drive platform and had a 50 mm f/2 Pentax lens. Exposures were bracketed for a one hour to shoot the head, and one hour to expose the middle. The third shot fell victim to sleep apnea, and blurred. Too little detail on film to justify stitching into current set.
  Photographed from my observatory - Sky View Ranch Observatory - about eight miles northeast of Goldendale, Washington. 

Rick Ashley Read  Portland Oregon, USA