More photos by: Debbie Wicklund

9-01-004.jpg (50964 bytes) Peone sunset taken in September, 2001 9-01-007.jpg (45672 bytes) The same sunset looking  to the  North west over Peone Prairie . Taken in September, 2001 from my front yard. 

 Debbie Wicklund 
11-06-01-014.jpg (31126 bytes) Aurora on November 6th, 2001. 9-01-008.jpg (45199 bytes) Peone sunset taken in September, 2001
3-30-01-027 copy.jpg (44712 bytes)This shot was taken on Kodak 400 film looking due
East. The colors were amazing. March 30th, 2001

 Debbie Wicklund - Mead Wa. 
023 copy.jpg (46364 bytes)I had never taken aurora photos before and did not know if they would turn out. I was pleasantly surprised. This photo was
taken on Peone Prairie looking S/E.  

 Debbie Wicklund - Mead Wa.  March 30th,2001 
3-30-01-022 copy.jpg (51884 bytes)Towers of color formed over the eastern horizon. The skies above Peone Prairie never looked so beautiful. All of the photos were taken on Kodak Gold 400, with 15 - 30 second exposure

 Debbie Wicklund - Mead Wa.   March 30th,2001  
3-30-01-024 copy.jpg (35352 bytes)With each passing moment the sky became a deeper
red. The cloud bands added to the effect.

 Debbie Wicklund - Mead Wa.  March 30th,2001 
3-30-01-029 copy.jpg (34629 bytes)The sky was awash in brilliant reds and greens with
hints of yellows and pinks. This photo was taken looking straight up.

 Debbie Wicklund - Mead Wa.  March 30th,2001 
3-30-01-048 copy.jpg (27063 bytes)As the clouds began to thicken the moon had an
almost eerie effect as it glowed through the red sky.

 Debbie Wicklund - Mead Wa.
Dx-22.jpg (39797 bytes)Taken on November 23, 2001 at about 11 pm looking NE from my front yard.  11-06-01-018.jpg (46632 bytes) The intense aurora on November 6th, 2001, was so strong it light up the low clouds  and fog with an eerie orange glow.


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